“Eczema History: diagnosed with eczema at 4 months (am 27 years old now). Used topical steroids sparingly until age 8 when it became much worse. At that time, I took a course of oral steroids and started using topical steroids more regularly. By high school, I was using them every day. At that time, the steroids seemed to control the eczema, though I always had some that never quite went away. Same with college. Controlled but not gone. After college, age 22, moved to NYC. By age 23-24, I noticed the steroids no longer had any effect on me, no matter how strong. I started doing narrowband UVB tanning at Mount Sinai Dermatology. That controlled it for a time as well. Got pregnant at 25 and stopped using the topical steroids. My eczema got very bad at this time. I got a shot of cortisone in my first trimester and also used over the counter cortisone throughout my pregnancy. I remember having red and hot skin during my pregnancy but did not know about TSW at the time.”