Misguided Therapies

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In the journey to attain wellness from TSA, so many suggestions, hints, tidbits, absolutes, alternatives and bizarre thoughts have been written copied and advised with invariably poor results. Why is that enthusiasm is vast and vocal when an individual believes that an epiphany has been visited and therefore must be given to others? But when [...]

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Dear Dr. Rapaport, I am profoundly grateful to you. I am writing to express my admiration and deep appreciation for your commitment to uncovering the existence of steroid induced eczema (Red Skin Syndrome) and your willingness to state publicly and candidly that the cure for RSS is total and complete withdrawal from steroids. My husband [...]

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Doctor / Patient Relationship – from the perspective of a patient

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This is about my relationship with doctors who are not dermatologists. Many of us know good and not-so-good doctors. Competence is essential but there are additional factors that contribute to a good doctor/patient relationship such as friendliness, caring, a supportive office staff, and short wait times.  I have good relationships with my doctors and confidence [...]

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