It has been brought to my attention that several pronouncements and postings on ITSAN website and Facebook pages state that there is no treatment or cure for Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) and that symptoms resolve over time. These statements are misguided, misleading, and mistaken. There IS a cure for RSS. The medical protocol that is required for healing involves withdrawal from topical steroids and should be undertaken under the guidance of a qualified physician.  Support groups like ITSAN are helpful in reassuring the RSS sufferer that the withdrawal process is necessary and will cure RSS.  Under no circumstances should ITSAN be offering medical advice or opinions.

I can promise to be sincere, but not to be impartial.

Although no longer affiliated with ITSAN, I am the board certified dermatologist who founded ITSAN with the purpose of easing the suffering of steroid addicted patients by guiding them through the proper scientific process to cure. I believe that too many patients are currently buy oxandrolone (anavar) at uk online store being misinformed on the ITSAN website and I am concerned about the outcome of those inappropriately given medical advice.

I will post a recent email that I sent to an ITSAN board member detailing my concerns.