Dermatologists around the world practice their medicine in two separate domains. One major area is the treatment of disease and the other is the realm of anti-aging and beauty. Each discipline offers medications and procedures. Prices for anti-aging treatments are high despite most of them having questionable value. Prices for drugs treating diseases have skyrocketed.

There appears to be no reasonable economic explanation for the massive increases other than the drug and manufacturing companies monopolize the market and can set prices because they have no commercial competition. To begin this short series on pricing we start with a current list of topical and oral treatments for beauty used in dermatology practice. A later blog will examine the dramatic price increases of drugs treating disease.

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How we spend our money for beauty:

  1. Chemical Peel: $20-$600
  2. Vitamin C+E Serum: $162
  3. Fillerina Hyaluronic Acid: $80-$100
  4. UL therapy: $1000-$5000
  5. Cleaning Serum and SPF 30 Sunscreen $42 & $45
  6. Kybella Injections: $1200-$2000
  7. Decollete Cream: $285
  8. Vitamin Injections: $400
  9. Facials: $150-$200
  10. Botox: $250-$1000
  11. Fillers: $300-$1000