To all dermatologists,

The June 2016 NEA report is a scathing indictment of your treatment protocols for your atopic patients. 86% report they were NOT satisfied with your treatment. 91% responded they think you do NOT know how to treat them. More than 56% have reported seeing up to 5 different doctors for their condition and 24% have seen between 5-10 doctors.

Medicine is the only profession that labors incessantly to destroy the reason for its existence.
Hillel the Elder

The single biggest clue that your protocols are not working is that the patient is getting worse not better. If that seems simplistic to you that is because it really is that simple. The NEA survey has confirmed that there is compelling dissatisfaction among your patient population. 86% of them are telling you that you are wrong – LISTEN to your patients! LOOK at them!

The withdrawal flibanserin sverige protocol that will heal them has been available to you for 35 years but your arrogant refusal to prescribe it has resulted in your unconscionable diagnosis of “chronic eczema” for these unfortunate patients.

It is outrageous that these suffering patients are driven to see multiple doctors for relief because of your disgraceful refusal to accept sustanon 250 kaufen that cure already exists. Their desperation drives them to allergists, homeopaths, soothsayers, hypnotists, acupuncturists, any alternative medicine and anyone who they think might help them.

CURE ALREADY EXISTS –  ACCEPT IT! Stop defending your indefensible diagnosis of “chronic eczema” and start helping your patients withdraw from the topical corticosteroids that you have been prescribing to them for years. Take responsibility for your participation in their worsening “chronic” condition and do the right thing.

In a few days a detailed critique of the NEA’s report will appear on this site.

Marvin Rapaport MD