Everyone is trying to get an edge into the therapy of the RSS suffering patients. The NEA, ITSAN and others are all selling something with the promise of huge success. In addition the websites routinely beg for donations. ITSAN in its recent webpage from March 31, 2016 states they have gotten into a new partnership with Dr Wong Skin Care Products. This partnership is “intended to raise awareness of TSA.”

Apart from blunt truth our lives sink decadently amid the perfume of hints and suggestions.

The skin care line which lists a “breakthough” contains ingredients that are natural, herbal and non-steroidal are supposed to contain Eastern botanicals with the rigor of Western sciences. There is no proposed evidence of any magical ingredient or any magical combination that would have anything to do besides lubricating the skin. No other benefit is evident, no matter how much marketing. For sure they should not be used on the irritable skin of the RSS patients until allergy has been ruled out. This vague promise of a new awareness and a partnership to help unsuspecting, searching, suffering RSS patients is unconscionable. ITSAN, when I started the site several years ago was intended to be scientific, helpful and intent in helping TSA sufferers. This was to occur by leading the patients to good medical care. Donations and selling of products was not in keeping with the founder’s philosophy. There are supportive medications that help patients’ symptoms but there is no magical cream. In fact, most creams irritate especially at the beginning of the withdrawal process. I cannot believe that Dr Wong’s formulations are any different.

This nod to “Eastern mysteries” smacks of snake oil salesmanship. How dare ITSAN promise the unsuspecting, suffering patients who have been lured into their website with the promise of help and cure by offering this unproven simplistic preparation. I am sure that monies have changed hands. Transparency is required.