Sadly, the topical steroids that bring temporary relief to many patients also brings Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) – an addiction to topical steroids – to many. RSS is a condition that is completely curable by withdrawing from steroids but dermatologists and general practitioners routinely misdiagnose the condition as chronic eczema – and then prescribe even stronger steroids or other unnecessary medications.

In my 35 year attempt to right this wrong with its proper scientific diagnosis and treatment, I have successfully treated 4000 RSS patients, lectured, written papers, discussed problems with scores of MDs and founded ITSAN, a support group with a patient, Kelly Palace several years ago. I had wholeheartedly supported ITSAN with essays, money, lectures, meetings etc for several years. But when testimonials of herbal cures, bizarre diets, inane creams, and “tough it out” recommendations without medical oversight started appearing in ITSAN literature I abdicated my role in the organization and required an attorney’s intervention to save my reputation.

Now a new direction for ITSAN advertising promotes attendance at expensive meetings where very unscientific, inappropriate, false hope cures of acupuncture, stem cell therapy, and whatever a “new MD on the block” has to offer are presented.

Stem cell therapy has trenbolone acetate been heralded as one of the newer scam therapies for whatever ails you – totally unapproved by the FDA and repeatedly discredited in newspaper and journal articles as an unproven, money making, “pseudo scientific, outer space” almost scam therapy.

Acupuncture, with 40 years of negative scientific evidence, false promises, and scandalous failures needs no further denunciation. These therapies have absolutely no basis in science and good decent medical care. They are entirely useless in the treatment of steroid addicted RSS patients because withdrawal is the singular cure!

I am embarrassed that I helped establish this organization.