“VERY INTERESTING” This was the often used comment by Arte Johnson on the decades old ‘Laugh In’ show on NBC television. He played a German spy or professor with a strong German accent and used this comment when things appeared very peculiar to him. I repeat the same comment when I quote a Dr Andrew Blauvelt talking at a European dermatology conference and stating that “Dupilumab displayed consistently strong efficacy across all patient groups in a new analysis from the Landmark 52 week CHRONOS trial.” “Dupilumab with concomitant topical corticosteroids improved signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis compared with placebo injections regardless of age, sex, BMI, or prior history of asthma, allergic rhinitis or food allergies.” “Indeed, he quiped, that the biologic proved to be boring in its broad effectiveness.” VERY INTERESTING says Rapaport. 1. Why are all the patients still on steroids if this is a wonder drug? This is a very poorly organized protocol – in fact outrageous compared to well done studies in the past. 2. What does he mean by strong efficacy? – that always meant to me that it didn’t do very much in bettering the disease. 3. What does he mean by broad effectiveness? – again another exceptionally vague term.