Below are patients who I have seen that had used corticosteroids for many months to years. Representative pictures of them will appear periodically in future blogs.

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.
  1. Eyelids alone following irritation from eye makeup(s).
  2. One leg after insect bite.
  3. Body rash after using anti-scabetic (scabies is a human mite) medicines for the diagnosis of just itching – no infestation had ever been diagnosed.
  4. Total face rash after shingles on the face.
  5. Vulvodynia (painful female groin) following non-specific itching.
  6. Red scrotum after ‘jock itch’.
  7. Neck after winter dry weather – rubbing from clothing causing itching.
  8. Arms and legs after orthopedic casts removed and itching ensued unabated.
  9. Dandruff on the face – seborrheic dermatitis (scaly rash on the sides of nose and eyebrows).
  10. Severe scalp itching followed by facial redness.
  11. After facelift
  12. After laser resurfacing (anti aging therapy).
  13. Severe dermatitis on the breast after silicone implants.