This blog is a response to several emails in the “Comments” section of our website regarding Dr. Aron, a South African dermatologist, who asserts that the cure for RSS is wrapping all patients in wet wraps after applying varying amounts of steroids and antibiotics on their skin, then reducing the amount of steroids over time.

Dr. Aron strongly advocates the utilization of steroids and the tapering down approach in his treatment of eczema and RSS patients in his video presentation on his website.

They who are engrossed in the rapid realization of an extravagant hope tend to view fact as something base and unclean. Facts are counter revolutionary.
Eric Hoffer

The logic to the stepping down approach is that the normal functioning body will “recover” from disease and medication problems in a safe manner. This logic is faulty, unproven, and unsafe when applied to Red Skin Syndrome.

The stepping down, tapering, homeopathic approach has been used in varying forms for over 50 years with continuing failure particularly in cases of RSS. Instead of improving the skin, the continued steroid use and false hopes have resulted in more severe rebound of redness and increased emotional and physical suffering.

I have seen treated scores of these patients and the only cure comes with complete cessation of steroids.