When is enough enough? Apparently Never for Big-Pharma. I have counted 11 useless therapies for the non-entity “bad eczema.“ These patients do not have “bad eczema” they are misdiagnosed Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) sufferers. Cure is already available but a curative treatment is only possible with a correct diagnosis.

RSS patients are constantly and consistently misdiagnosed as having “bad eczema.” In fact they do not have eczema, they are steroid addicted from the topical steroids they have been mistreated with for extended lengths of time. They may have started with simple eczema which would have burned itself out if left untreated – but the topical steroids they were prescribed resulted in steroid addiction that developed into RSS. These patients no longer manifest the signs or symptoms of typical eczema because they no longer have eczema – they have RSS.

The multiplicity of ineffective therapies exposes the severe suffering of the RSS patients and the obvious inability of the medical profession to make the proper diagnosis. What are the therapies?

1. More steroids, stronger steroids, more potent steroids, and more frequent steroids – all still ineffective after all these years but still “honored“ as the gold standard.

2. Elidel masteron kaufen cream and Protopic ointment – very weak strength cyclosporin. Original studies used manipulated numbers and after million of tubes sold and applied shows absolutely no benefit.

3. Dr. Aron’s theory that the patients all have staph infections. His treatment method involves wet wrappings over steroids and topical antibiotics in decreasing amounts in perpetuity. His protocol perpetuates steroid addiction and no published papers on long term follow-up have been provided. If it was a successful therapy the results would have been published. Dr. Aron’s therapy provides false hope to vociferous and vocal advocates – not a very good story for bona fide science.

4. Kumi Uri – an organization that brings children to Switzerland and depending on who is telling the truth is wrapping these young patients in steroids. There are no publications available.

5. Methotrexate- dangerous drug with no published data.

6. Imuran – dangerous drug with one paltry semi scientific study. Data is suspect.

7. Cellcept – dangerous drug with no supporting data.

8. Hidden allergies – outlandish diagnosis.

9. Dupilumab – new biological. Published studies demonstrated less itching and better sleep in a 4 month study at a cost of $37,000 a year. No long-term follow up group of patients studied.

10. Nemolizumab – new biological still in study mode but prematurely announced by National Eczema Association with accompanying drug company advertisement space. NEA has numerous drug company logos all over the NEA site plus a tiny reminder to not use steroids longer than two weeks. The disclaimer is laughable if it weren’t so serious.

11. Eucrisa – a new topical biological with a published paper showing distinctly poor results but still approved. Almost all patients that I have seen who used it reported totally negative results.

The avalanche of unnecessary, expensive, dangerous, and useless drugs courtesy of big-Pharma and their unethical alliance with the National Eczema Association must end.

There is no such entity as bad eczema. There is eczema that is treated with steroids. The steroid usage becomes a steroid addiction. The steroid addiction becomes Red Skin Syndrome. The one and only cure for RSS already exists. It is complete and total withdrawal from steroids. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!