The National Eczema Association (NEA) has adopted an Alice in Wonderland approach to steroid addiction.

The NEA recently advertised a free webinar presentation to be viewed on August 23rd. The RN spokesperson will discuss how to “safely” start and taper off steroids. After 30 years of nonstop steroid advocacy, their published papers stating that addiction to steroids is a rare event and a probable byproduct of patient misuse, the NEA has decided on a “new” adventure – withdrawal.

Like Alice in Wonderland jumping into the rabbit hole of unreality the NEA task force consisting of Drs. Hajar, Leshem, Hanifin, Paller and Simpson among others has the audacity to present withdrawal as a “new” protocol. The papers cited fail to include my peer reviewed published papers of 1500 cured steroid addicted patients. The tyrant Queen of Hearts was at work not to inform their fellow physicians of the most august paper in the literature on the subject.

The donating steroid drug companies would not appreciate the truth. Instead, the mercury addled brain of the Mad Hatter must have helped write the NEA papers citing poor paper after paper from the most obscure sources as evidence that the addiction entity is no big deal. In my work all the chonic users of steroids became addicted and none of them had “bad eczema.” Bad eczema only exists as a bad diagnosis. All patients were cured with steroid cessation over a long and arduous time. No rash, no creams, no doctors.

In true whimsical fantasy the Cheshire Cat just grinned and then disappeared with a bow to the steroid companies that all is well. A glaring lie to the suffering patients.

“Curiouser & Curiouser – Part 2” coming up next…