Something is peculiar with the new drug Dupilumab and its marketing. Patient 1 – a moderately symptomatic RSS patient, functioning fairly well, received a near 3 page letter from his dermatologist to take the new ‘wonder drug’ Dupilumab. The letter contained all kinds of compliments for the drug and the doctor has probably had little experience with it since it is a fairly new drug. I read the letter and in reading between the lines it was evident to me that the doctor was going to benefit (rebate ?). I have never seen marketing like this in 40 years of medicine. The 2nd patient, a young woman with a continual red face, addicted for 3 years to steroids, was given ‘free’ a year’s supply of Dupilumab by her doctor. What rebate process went on here? I have never heard of a $37,000 a year drug being given free – again she was ‘induced’ to start the medicine (being not that symptomatic). What is the company gaining? In my experience the results have not been that good.