Some thoughts about Dupilumab

  1. We all need input from patients who have been taking or took the drug.
  2. Information on patients on the drug has not been forthcoming.
  3. Tell us if you have had good results or no results.
  4. Yes, this is anecdotal, but we need some direction.
  5. The drug is extremely expensive – why?
  6. In my experience seeing patients in the office, I have seen several patients who failed while taking the drug, one patient being given the drug free for a year – why? – to increase the numbers of patients for the FDA, patients on the drug and still using steroids, patients on the drug and stopping steroids but still flaring.
  7. What are the real answers in a large group of patients?
  8. The studies published were not very positive and many patients dropped out of the study.
  9. Where do we stand?
  10. I still contend that all of the patients using this medication are RSS individuals and not having bad eczema.
  11. What are the long term side effects of this medication?