Scientific misinformation and disinformation is a crime against the patient. The NEA and their paid minions including ITSAN continue to disinform the public and perform dishonorable work that harms patients. They have chosen to ignore 35 years of my own published papers, lectures, websites, essays, and cured patients proving that complete and total withdrawal from topical steroids is the cure.

Instead of recommending the curative withdrawal protocol that saves the patient and saves the patient money, the greedy NEA and big-pharma recommend more drugs and new drugs that assault the patient and enrich themselves. Their monetary gain is clearly more important than the welfare of the patients.

It is stanozolol 10mg obvious that the manufacturer of Dupilumab is in full marketing mode, and has a ready ally in the NEA. After decades of information about eczema in the public view there appears to be a need for “world class“ authorities to revisit this diagnosis again. Now with the “help“ of Mt Sinai dermatology staff and NEA sponsorship, discussion of the diagnosis in a one day forum is being duly advertised. The public is unaware that the hidden agenda of revisiting the diagnosis is to discuss and promote Dupilumab.

I repeat again that there is no long term data. I have seen several patients who have not benefited from Dupilumab’s use and I believe that truly unproven drugs and their promotion have no place in medicine especially when patients have such high hopes for success. Drug promoting webinars and forums are no substitute for long term studies.

Alice is not the only one who sings out “curiouser and curiouser.“ This is not the way good medical care should be delivered.