Two of my cured Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) patients asked me to review the ITSAN website because they were both so disturbed by its contents. After reading through the revamped site I am similarly appalled by what I perceive as ITSAN’s three unforgivable sins.

First, the sin of plagiarism. Every idea, word and RSS discussion including ITSAN’s conclusions are from my research, my published papers, my lectures, my videos and my telephone calls. The commentaries are disingenuously presented without acknowledgment as if they were ITSAN’s own original work. There is not one mention that all the information including the co-founding of ITSAN and its funding came from me and my 35 years of work. This leads to ITSAN’s next sin.

Second, the sin of minimizing my thirty-five years of commitment and contribution to the cure of RSS patients. After stating that RSS is iatrogenic, ITSAN strongly suggests patients seek out an MD with the caveat that the physician really cannot and will not help much. “It’s a long process – keep listening to our advice” is the current ITSAN message. So, ITSAN disingenuously presents itself as the answer to the patients’ medical problems. There is no mention that my medical discoveries and medical treatments have cured 3500 patients including 20-30 depressed, suicidal patients, and that 100 or more patients who had been out of work or school for over a year were calmly cared for by me enabling them to function normally again. Plus, there were thousands who required multiple medications and my emotional support to achieve cure without which they would have “given up.” I have committed myself to the care of RSS patients and to the elimination of RSS from existence. I founded ITSAN with the mission to eradicate Red Skin Syndrome by educating the medical community and the public about its existence and its cure. ITSAN is most definitely not a substitute for me or for informed medical care.

Third, the sin of greed. ITSAN is soliciting donations for what end I am not sure. Cure already exists for RSS. Supervised cessation of corticosteroids including monitoring and informed medical support achieves CURE. There have been too many tax-free advocacy organizations for impaired veterans, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc. that have been exposed for claiming fraudulent expenses while ignoring their stated mission. Indeed, a recent plea from ITSAN soliciting donations for postage, trips to Washington, meetings, website support made no mention of any patient referrals to MD’s or other patient services that would have actually benefitted RSS sufferers. Is ITSAN to be numbered among those tax-free organizations exposed for ignoring their mission statement while accruing tax-deductible expenses?

In conclusion ITSAN has plagiarized my work, minimized my contribution to the care and cure of thousands of patients, and abandoned its mission to publicize the withdrawal protocol that achieves CURE.

I can only ask, “ITSAN, have you no sense of decency?”



Marvin Rapaport MD