Prolonged persistent erythema (reddening of the skin) after procedures such as phenol peels or carbon dioxide laser treatments for aging occur frequently but the reasons offered are usually incorrect.

It has been assumed that these patients either had a faulty procedure performed, inadequate care by the practitioner, preoperative medications such a Retin A, postoperative medications such as antibiotics causing allergy, sun exposure causing prolonged erythema or any one of an additional array of unfathomable bizarre explanations. None of these theories are supported by good scientific evidence.

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In my experience this persistent erythema and severe burning is due solely to the prolonged use of topical corticosteroids applied to the face in a futile misguided attempt to calm the “inflammation” down, prevent scarring, and stop the “post event erythema.”

It is simply not understood by the physician that the redness is due entirely to the topical corticosteroids being prescribed. Cure occurred in every patient I treated after many months of complete cessation of topical medications.